Literary Finds: Beautiful Norse-Inspired Items

Norse mythology and culture has inspired countless storytellers for centuries, so it’s no wonder that their stories have repeatedly captured the imagination of other artists as well. For Norsevember, I present three creative ways that craftsmen use Norse culture in their products.


Isolated Thunderstorm – Nidhug Playing Cards, $29.00 
I’ve mentioned Isolated Thunderstorm’s beautiful playing cards before, but their Norse line of goods (which includes coins, bags and prints as well as playing cards) deserve a spotlight during Norsevember. Gorgeously produced with Norse-inspired details in silver ink, Isolated Thunderstorm forgets no detail of their decks–even the box’s traditional carvings are beautifully embossed in silver foil.


RedSofa – Rune Rings, $320 USD for 6 
These rune rings are made to order in sterling silver with a dark oxidized patina, giving them the look of rough-hewn symbols created from wood. A powerful and raw statement when worn as a set, they are also available for purchase individually, at $80 USD a piece.


Vala’s Perfumery – Norse Mythology Perfumes 

Whether you wish to surround yourself in Valhalla’s glorious smells of mead and fire, the woodsy, powerful scent of Thor or the seductive floral fragrance of Freya, Vala’s Perfumery has you covered, with an impressive list of Norse gods, goddesses and mythological places artfully rendered in natural oils.

3 Comments on “Literary Finds: Beautiful Norse-Inspired Items

  1. Omg. Those. Playing. Cards. I’m a big card player so these are really calling to me. Though I might be a bit to terrified to actually used them!

  2. I just bought the Valhalla and Freya perfumes for my girlfriend’s Christmas present 😀 She’s really into Assassin’s Creed Valhalla at the mo and these are perfect for her. Thanks for putting them on my radar Rin 🙂

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