As is typical of me, I’d like to make a list of great ambients to fit with the theme of the Sci-Fi Month reading event. The following tracks were chosen for their unobtrusiveness, so they can be used while reading.

sfa1Standard space ship white noise
Track: Relaxing White Noise – Starship Sleeping Quarters
The standard for all shipboard ambiance, this track is clean and steady, with no bells or whistles. Perfect for readers who enjoy a little subtle white noise and nothing else.

sfa2The cyberpunk world
Track: Bladerunner 2049: Wallace (Extended)
The only vocal ambient, this is actually a looped track from the OST for Bladerunner 2049. Combined with the beautiful hazy animation of a futuristic city, this video creates the perfect atmosphere for the ‘high tech, low life’ setting that is cyberpunk.

sfa3The ship’s bridge
Track:  Ender4life – Star Trek: TNG Bridge Ambience (Night Shift)
Nice and mellow (as befitting a night shift), this soft ambient with its unobtrusive general tech sounds could be any ship, not just the USS Enterprise.

sfa4The ship’s bowels
Track: Music of 40k – Shipboard Ambience
As is expected for a Warhammer 40k-inspired ambient, this ship somehow manages to sound a bit dark and unfriendly without any intentionally scary FX. (I think it’s the deep bass thrum of the Gellar Field generator. That tech is wack.) This track is great for your next grimdark/apocalyptic or horror sci-fi book.

sfa5Researching a new planet
Track: Ambience Lab – Mars Facility
There aren’t many sci-fi ambients that are land-based, but this one is a nice version of a research lab on another planet: wind raking over a desolate alien landscape outside, and the occasional sounds of typing and hissing lab doors inside.