I feel like saying “I love Harry Potter” is the literary equivalent of saying, “my hobby is hanging out with my friends.” It’s obvious to the point of meaningless. I mean, there are people who are really really into HP, but I’m not one of those people. I’m just a casual fan, but I have a deep reverence for it, and what it did for geeks like me. The Harry Potter franchise changed the face of children’s and YA literature. Before it, your choices were The Babysitter’s Club and Sweet Valley High, and anyone reading anything else was teased for being a dork. Look at any book or library shelf today, and the juvenile sections are full of stories about magic, spaceships, faraway lands, fairy tales and other fantastical adventures. It’s the future I always hoped for as a nerdy, imaginative little girl.

A few months ago, I stumbled upon a HP niche quite by accident (thanks Instagram search algorithm.) I discovered that there were a lot of artists designing really cool enamel pins inspired by the books. They were just small, independent businesses, often one person. But each artist put their own spin on the universe, and the result is a really amazing and varied collection of offerings for Harry Potter fans of all types.

DA army pin, Gold Liquid Luck

Mad Unicorn Studios
This is the pin maker that started my obsession, and she was the first seller I purchased from. She’s a one-person operation from Toronto, and her designs are beautifully done with bright colors and flourishes. She also offers a monthly subscription with exclusive pins for $17 USD a month. Wildly popular, she is also one of the most expensive pin designers. But her designs often sell out in days, so if you plan to make a purchase from her shop, follow her Instagram.
Purchase: Mad Unicorn Studios Shopify

Moving Quidditch pin

Laserbrain Patch Company
Laserbrain Patch Co has a wide variety of beautiful HP pins, and more beyond that for a whole handful of nerdy fandoms. Their teacup collection based on popular characters and their owl mail pins featuring glittering Hogwarts castles in a variety of color schemes are so beautiful.
Purchase: Laser Brain Co’s Harry Potter Collection

Harry Potter pin collection

By far the most budget-friendly, Mirrorinmirror is a Korean artist, and unfortunately she does not turn out as many designs as most pin producers. But the ones she has are the most gorgeous scenes, hands down. Even the packaging is beautiful; you won’t want to remove it.
Purchase: MirrorinMirror on Etsy

Unforgivable Curses pin set

Studio Pins And Paper
Studio Pins And Paper specializes is very simple, graphic pins that don’t necessarily scream HARRY POTTER. The curses collection is beautiful and modern even without any knowledge of the franchise. They also make some really cute book pins.
Purchase: Studio Pins And Paper Shopify