I’m not going to lie: I have a thing for jewelry. I can live with a handful of clothes, a few pairs of shoes and a handbag, but I buy a ton of jewelry. I have stuffed jewelry boxes, overflowing ring dishes, even a wall of necklaces on a walk-in closet.

I have a classic sense of style when it comes to my wardrobe, but I like interesting jewelry pieces. A diamond solitaire, a pearl necklace and eternity band are classic, but they’re considered classic because they’re bland enough to go with anything. I love jewelry that transports you to someplace else and creates a sense of fantasy.

Here are my favorite jewelers that hand make pieces which say something other than, “look at how expensive I am.” There’s a touch of magic, whimsy and classic fantasy in their lines, and each piece is hard to forget. They work only with precious stones and metals, making a majority of their work above $500 USD, usually in the $1,000-$3,5000 USD range.

Soulbound NYC
All these pieces are made by a woman who takes her inspiration from video games or manga. They’re beautifully designed, and a must-have for any gamer. I’ve been playing a warlock in World of Warcraft for 10 years, and I’m just supposed to ignore that someone made a ring set based on my class? Yeah, no. Her WoW and Zelda jewelry are just amazing, and for those of you playing Animal Crossing non-stop, she just released the most adorable collection of flowery rings inspired by the game.
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Sofia Zakia
Every piece from Sofia Zakia feels like it comes from an ethereal dream: golden cup pendents studded with sparkling stars, tiny intricate keys, celestial bands of rainbow-colored stones, small golden book charms, antler rings festooned with tiny diamonds… Any one of them could pass as a magic amulet or a trinket from a wizard’s work chest.
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The Northway Studio
Everything about Northway Studio feels like it came from a dark wood in an Arthurian kingdom, from the jewel-toned photography to its unique collection of interesting loose stones and the names of its handmade pieces. These are rings made for ladies in faraway castles, with intricate carved settings, woodland-inspired bands and richly colored gemstones.
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Freeman Design
Something for the Harry Potter set: handcrafted in beautiful precious metals, Freeman Design offers gorgeously detailed snitch pendants and wands from popular characters (Harry, Ron and Hermione, naturally, but also Luna, Sirius and Draco.) Already have your perfect Wizarding Ring? They also offer a lovely snitch ring box, crafted especially to display your magical jewel.
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