Artist Showcase: Francesca Baerald

Warhammer 40K – Imperial Palace

I first saw Francesca Baerald’s maps while I was scrolling through Instagram, being the greedy Warhammer 40k lore and art person I am. As usual, it was page after page of sleek, realistic depictions of grimdark war scenes. Then I stumbled on the above map of the 40k imperial palace.

I was instantly in love. It was such an audacious depiction of a place set in a hardcore sci-fi universe. I immediately bookmarked Baerald’s work, and the detail in her art still astounds me every time I look at it. Her maps are the final, crowning touch to any world builder’s universe. And check out her gaming character maps (I included one at the end of this post.) They’re definitely too beautiful to use.

The World of Yr and the Twelve Moons

Game of Thrones Map

The Frets

Arkavia – Knight of Aslath

Hope & Glory Character Sheet

Artist Website:

1 thought on “Artist Showcase: Francesca Baerald

  1. JonBob

    This post did awesome things for my brain chemistry. I’m so flushed with endorphins right now I can’t even deal…


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