Artist Showcase: Anato Finnstark

A Hoonter Must Hoont

Today I wanted to feature Anato Finnstark, who is the artist I use for my site’s headers. His gorgeous use of lush colors and willingness to experiment with new styles gives him a diverse portfolio full of bright forests, dreamy landscapes and beautiful portraits. Wandering through his ArtStation, it’s hard to choose which image is best, but I love his depictions of dark Tolkien and Bloodbourne characters. It’s the perfect gothic ending (or beginning) to thinking about thieves and the great range of con artist characters that are available in the fantasy genre. Only the limitless possibilities of fantasy could allow for such interesting people, heists and settings to keep a reader coming back for more crime.

Christmas Hoont

Bonfire ( Dark souls )

Dead Sky (Bloodborne)

Le Royaume d’Istyald

A King’s Journey: Forgotten Garden

The Nest

Website: ArtStation: Anato Finnstark
Purchase: Red Bubble

4 thoughts on “Artist Showcase: Anato Finnstark

  1. Dalloway

    Oh sweet heavens! So nice. I love it when someone plays with dark och grey colors and then contrast them with one single color. Like the red moon in A Hoonter Must Hoont or the yellow in the Nest. And yeah, all the shadows!!!! 🙂


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