Literary Finds: Thief Accessories

Isolated Thunderstorm Playing Cards

Continuing on week 1 of my Wyrd & Wonder theme of thieves: what makes a good thief? Is it nerves of steel, talented sleight of hand, finely-honed social engineering, or audacious dreams of glory coupled with intelligent know-how?

Yeah, maybe it’s that stuff. Or maybe it’s all the cool things that your stolen coin buys you. After all, what’s the use of being a thief if you don’t have the accessories befitting your charisma?

Isolated Thunderstorm Playing Cards
If you don’t play cards–or at least have some proficiency with using them for a sleight of hand–then are you even a thief? Every cunning con artist should have a deck of cards–a good deck of cards, befitting their success in the game. Isolated Thunderstorm offers gorgeous, limited edition foiled playing card decks with beautiful illustrations and themes, from Christian iconography and Norse mythology to German fairy tales and Venetian masquerades. They’re all limited editions, and for playing cards, they don’t come cheap, ranging between $30-$100. But that’s not a problem for the city’s most notorious criminal, is it?
Purchase: Isolated Thunderstorm

Isolated Thunderstorm Medallions
Speaking of things every decent, charismatic thief should have… a coin is another must, whether you’re using it to get you out of a jam, performing a quick bit of magic or just sliding it coolly over your fingers. And obviously it should be gold, and intricately carved, as befitting your reputation.
Purchase: Isolated Thunderstorm

Pyrrah Talismans
Every thief has an outlook on life, a reason to steal, and a superstition to follow. Pyrrah’s extensive line of jewelry is all about life mantras, but their signature talismans could grace any thief’s neck. Each silver charm is a genuine cast of a Victorian wax seal, featuring heraldry images heavy in symbolism. With pieces ranging in meaning and titles such as “thick as thieves,” “brotherhood,” and “luck & protection,” any thief is sure to find his or her own personal mantra among the hundreds of talismans.
Purchase: Pyrrah

Peg & Awl Mini Artist Roll
These “artist” rolls, which you would use for “art” to store “brushes” in (and totally not anything like lockpicking tools) are handmade in the USA with sturdy, waterproof materials. At 8 inches rolled up, they’re extremely portable and perfect for taking on that outing when you plan to….paint in the middle of the night.
Purchase: Peg & Awl: All Black Sendak Mini Artist Roll

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