Ambient Track Theme: Thieves

The Lies of Locke Lamora by Benjamin Carré

The only thing I love more than books are good instrumental ambient tracks. I post about them too much on this site because I think they’re good companions to reading. Like books, they have the power to transport you someplace.

Here are four of my favorite ambient tracks for reading about thieves and their misdeeds. I also present three other tracks that aren’t quite up to my standards for small reasons, but I’m offering them for your consideration.

Sneaking around the city rooftops at night
rpg ambient sounds – 1890 Victorian London
For all the foggy, night time excitement leading up to the penultimate scenes.

The thief’s sanctuary
Guild of Ambience – Fireplace Sounds – Medieval Tavern – Inn Ambience
Whether the thief sleeps at the gang quarters or a room at an inn/gambling house (under a false identity of course), I assume silence is too unnerving for a smart criminal used to mean streets.

Day scenes around the city
The Guild of Ambience – Harbor Sounds | Seaside Market Ambience
The only things worth stealing are in a big city, and naturally that city only got big due to trade. No thief would bother with a city that didn’t have an active harbor.

Creeping through the dark
Sword Coast Soundscapes – Argynvostholt

The eerie ambiance of creaking planks, whistling wind, far away thunder and old building parts moving in the wind. Perfect for those tense scenes of sneaking through the abandoned sewers, a forgotten building or just the general dark. (Also great for scary books.)

The following tracks are ones I found but don’t use myself. They contain certain SFX or mixing  which I feel don’t make them ideal for concentrating on a book. However, other readers might feel differently. In order to give them a fair shake, I won’t list what made me reject them (I find that if you tell someone to notice something, then all they hear is what you pointed out.) Perhaps you’ll find these are perfect for your heisting tales.

Sneaking around the city rooftops at night: the dark slums
Sleep Scenery HD – Medieval City on a Foggy Night

Infiltrating the nobility: the dinner party
Michael Ghelfi – Baroque Noble Party

Infiltrating the nobility: the great ball
June Songs – Boyle Mansion Ambience